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The String Calculator Kata - Third Attempt

software development, katas, coding, string calculator, tdd1 min read


I recently completed the String Calculator kata for the third time. I got through five of nine sections in the 30 minutes provided.

The String Calculator Kata is a great kata for practicing test-driven development. In this kata, you spend 30 minutes trying to complete as many of the 9 sections as possible, but the idea is that you never read ahead - only read the step you're on. You can view the instructions here.

This attempt, I got through 5 sections. That's the same number as last time, but I was able to get some work done on section 6, unlike last time. Hopefully sometime soon I'll get to a point where I can do all nine!

For a more in-depth description of how to get a kata started in C#, check out the start of my post on the FizzBuzz kata.

To view my code, click here.

I found this kata to be very helpful, and I will definitely try it again in the future to try to beat my performance from this attempt. Best of luck to you if you decide to try it!

If you'd like to view my first attempt at this kata, click here. You can also view my second and most recent attempt here.

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