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Project Euler

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project euler

I recently rediscovered Project Euler, which provides hundreds of excellent mathematics/coding problems.

Project Euler is a great resource for anyone looking to brush up their programming and mathematics skills. They have over 700 problems of varying difficulty.

I recently completed problem 1, which you can access here.

Project Euler 1

To get set up with Project Euler, you'll want to make an account (it's optional, but you can't track progress without it). To do so, go to Project Euler's homepage and click Register at the top. You'll be prompted to set up a username and password and then you're ready to start solving problems!

Project Euler Register

To start coding in C#, I used Ardalis's Project Euler Starter to get my files all set up, which worked very well. If you want to keep your Project Euler work on a GitHub repository, check out my post on connecting your GitHub repository to your desktop.

Best of luck to you as you work through Project Euler!

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