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Installing Chocolatey

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install chocolatey

Chocolatey is a powerful installation tool I recently began using.

What is Chocolatey?


Chocolatey is a great application for installing other applications on your computer without much user interaction. This means if you have a number of applications to install, you can use the Chocolatey commands in your Command Prompt to have your computer do so in the background. Installing applications this way also allows you to avoid all the tedious installation windows you'd experience installing things the usual way.

Installing Chocolatey

To install Chocolatey, go to the Chocolatey website and follow the instructions provided.

Using Chocolatey

To get a summary of chocolatey commands, type "choco /?" into your Command Prompt. For example, typing "choco install googlechrome" into your command prompt (once you have chocolatey installed) will download and install Google Chrome on your computer.

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