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Google Analytics After One Month

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One month into Google Analytics - here's what I've learned.

Click here to see my original post on setting up Google Analytics.

As of today, I've officially been using Google Analytics for my blog for one month. In that time, I've had 219 unique users, as well as a single-day high of 52 users on July 10!

Line Graph

And yes, for your average website, that isn't much traffic at all, but it's really exciting for me to see that people are actually reading my content! Hopefully some of you are even finding it helpful!

I've also learned a lot from having Google Analytics.

  • For example, the vast majority of people come to my blog from social sites like Twitter, which makes a lot of sense, since that's where I post whenever I have a new blog post.
  • I can see that 60% of people actually view my blog from a mobile device (as well as a single tablet user). Since I always work on my blog from desktop, I don't always pay attention to the mobile aspects, but having Google Analytics has shown me this is something I should look into.
  • I know I'll continue to learn more as time goes on and more users view my blog.

And hey, thanks! You being here means another tick upward on today's line graph, which encourages me to keep bringing you (hopefully useful and interesting) content.

Thanks for reading! I hope you find this and other articles here at ilyanaDev helpful! Be sure to follow me on Twitter @ilyanaDev.