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CodeMash Presentation

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codemash talk

In just over a week, I will be giving a presentation at CodeMash, a computer science conference in Sandusky, Ohio. I'm really excited about having been selected as a speaker, albeit a bit nervous about the talk as well!

My talk is called Aerospace Engineering for Computer Scientists, and it aims to highlight both parallels and intersections between the two fields -

  • parallels in the sense that both industries are devoted to producing very complex systems, and a lot of lessons in systems engineering that have come up in the history of spaceflight also have counterparts in the world of programming.
  • intersections in the sense that computers are everywhere, including in space, and there are some interesting considerations that need to be taken into account when putting computers in space

This talk required quite a bit of research, and it also could cover far more material than I will have time to cover in an hour-long session, so I've included my sources below for reference and for further exploration for anyone interested. In no particular order:

One final note: I'll also be giving a talk at KidzMash - Balloon Animals: Blowing Things Up at CodeMash. If you're attending CodeMash and planning on bringing family along to KidzMash, let them know to check out my session!

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