The Greed Game Kata

Date Published: October 15, 2020

The Greed Game Kata

The Greed Game Kata involves the calculations of scores based on what numbers are rolled in a set of dice. You may also know this game as Farkle.

Having recently learned about the Rules Pattern, I found the Greed Kata really useful for solidifying that pattern in my mind. The pattern made sense while I was learning about it, but now I really get it.

You can find the instructions for this kata here. You'll find that you can complete this kata in a variety of ways. However, it definitely lends itself to test-driven-development (TDD), as well as the application of the Rules Pattern.

If you'd like to see how I completed this kata, you can look at my code here.

I used TDD for this kata, to make sure that each piece of functionality I added worked as intended.

I also made sure to implement an IRule interface that all my rules inherited from, to make sure I could work with them polymorphically when I went to calculate scores.

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