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Adding an RSS Feed to your Gatsby Site - Update- limiting items in feed

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An RSS (really simple syndication) feed allows users using an RSS reader to subscribe to content and be notified when new content is added to a site. I've now limited my RSS feed to 10 items.

To see my original post on adding an RSS feed to your Gatsby Site, click here

If you use an RSS Reader...

You can add my blog by pasting the following URL into your reader:

Limiting your Feed to n Items

Essentially, if you want to make any edits to your feed, instead of simply coding


into your gatsby-config.js file, you need to instead add a whole section with curly braces starting with

resolve: `gatsby-plugin-feed`,

Now, you can change the number of items in your feed by setting a limit. You can also change things like the feed's title and where the items come from (your blog page, the "About" page, etc.).

This process is explained if you scroll down this tutorial from Gatsby. You can also check out the changes I made to implement this with my own blog.

With the above changes, I ran into the problem that the feed was only showing 8 or so blog posts instead of 10 (even though I'd set a limit of 10). This is because the number of items included things like my About page. I could have solved this by simply increasing the limit of items until the desired 10 blog posts displayed alongside the additional content. However, I wanted a more streamlined feed, so instead I specified that my RSS feed items should come only from my blog. You can see the small change I had to make to implement this here.

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