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Adding an RSS Feed to your Gatsby Site - Update- allowing autodiscovery

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An RSS (really simple syndication) feed allows users using an RSS reader to subscribe to content and be notified when new content is added to a site. I've now added autodiscovery capability to my RSS feed.

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If you use an RSS Reader...

You can add my blog by pasting the following URL into your reader:

Adding Autodiscovery

Adding RSS autodiscovery to a Gatsby blog that already has an RSS feed requires minimal effort - the addition of a single HTML element.

Here is my GitHub commit showing the change I had to make to enable RSS autodiscovery. You'll also notice a slight change to a blog post; this is merely a typo correction and is irrelevant to the RSS.


It took me awhile to figure out how to do this, and I had to examine a number of sources, but here are the ones I found most useful:

  • Pete Freitag succinctly provides the requisite code here.
  • I also found a pretty useful Stack Overflow thread.
  • To test whether your autodiscovery works now, it's useful to have an RSS Reader. I used the Chrome extension RSS Feed Reader, which was very easy to install and has a pretty nice UI for the purpose of testing my own RSS feed.

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